1) Project Consultancy Service – Primary Market

Property Talk handles project consultancy work for the new property development. Our role includes project feasibility studies, project feasibility studies, project appraisal, market research and project financing. We will advise the best product mix for the land to yield the maximum profit on investment.

We help Developers to apply for Developer License and Advertisement Permit from Ministry of Housing. We keep our clients up dated on the market trends, new developments and legislation.

Part of our comprehensive service includes launching of the project to sales administrative duties like progress billings and collection. We will be involved from point of sale to vacant possession and handling over of keys.

Our goal in project consultancy service is to assist and create the sale of the development units in the project so as to yield maximum profit in the minimum time for developer.

2) End Users’ Property Service – Secondary Market

Property Talk provides comprehensive professional service and assistance to property end users who are either prospective tenants looking for suitable accommodations or prospective purchasers looking for good property investment. Similarly, our end users property service covers all types and classes of real estate.

Our convenient end users’ property service comprises inter alia :

i) Giving professional advice and consultation to end users on the property market
ii) Assembling and presenting a good selection of suitable properties based on end users’ requirement
iii) Helping end users to identify and select their suitable properties
iv) Making the necessary arrangements and accompanying end users to view and inspect their selected properties

Our end users’ property service proves to be very useful and is much sought after by the multinational corporations in finding suitable and ideal accommodations for their expatriates; and also in finding suitable office space for their corporate expansions and relocation.

3) International Marketing

Using our Extensive International Network of Property Consultants, we will identify the correct positioning of the local properties in the International Market and evaluate the targeted market to promote.

Our International Team will organize Property Exhibition in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Australia & Hong Kong. We have branch offices in major cities like Jakarta, Surubaya, Shanghai, Sydney & Melbourne. Our local staffs in these major cities will do continuous follow up and update our Office in Penang after the Road Shows & Exhibition.

We will market Projects by both Malaysian & Australian Developers to High Net Worth Investors in various Asia Pacific Countries.

We also work with International Offshore Banks like Lloyds TSB, Barclays Plc & Credit Industrial et Commercial (CIC Group ) based in Singapore & Labuan to facilitate financing arrangements for our Clients in their overseas property purchase.