Singaporeans Snapping Up Malaysia Homes
Singapore’s skyrocketing property prices have led many Singaporeans to look for opportunities overseas, with Malaysia as the most popular location.
According to a Q2 Sentiment Survey by PropertyGuru, Singapore's leading property website, nearly 45 percent of Singaporeans are eyeing property investment outside Singapore and 37 percent listed Malaysia as their most preferred foreign country for property investment.
“Malaysia as a country has extremely strong fundamentals and the property market there tends to be a lot less volatile,” said Tom O'Reilly, Director at Singapore Tenancy Management.
“For the same amount of money, people can often afford to invest in multiple properties in Malaysia which helps them diversify risk and still generate positive returns.”
Many property investors and buyers in Singapore are also focussing on overseas investments and commercial properties, with Malaysia, Australia and India increasingly becoming popular.
The survey, which had more than 2,200 respondents, aimed to gain a better perspective on the Singapore property market, current consumer sentiment and how it may affect future property decisions.
Steve Melhuish, CEO of PropertyGuru, said the “latest quarterly survey gives an interesting insight into current sentiment towards the property market.”
“As a result, we can expect buyers to be more discerning, intensifying their search before making a purchase. PropertyGuru addresses this need by providing the largest database of available property for sale or rent.”
Source : 29/07/2011 Close Window