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Sakamoto Yasuhiko, the retired managing director of a trading film, is a happy man. To be precise, he is a participant of the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme who has authored a book in Japanese entitled Life in Malaysia as a Reward.

“I chose to reside in Malaysia because of the low cost of living here, proximity to Japan, affordable visa rates, good security and because English is widely spoken. I have been under the MM2H programme for six years,” says Yasuhiko, who lives here with wife Yoko.

He first came to this country in the 1960s as an employee of a Japanese company. He soon got to know the country, finding it very appealing. There was the initial bout of homesickness, of course, but Yasuhiko soon overcame that.

Three years ago, he bought a condominium for RM420,000.” I chose the condo because it has a good view of the KL city skyline,” says Yasuhiko, who has friends and relatives visiting from Japan every month.
Two other MM2H participants, Allan and wife Patsy Jones, moved here from Australia in 2004 following a holiday here. Later that year, they paid RM300,000 for a 2-storey shoplot on Muntri Street in Penang and named it the Green House.

The couple has opened up the Green House to tourists, providing them with information on MM2H. “We have helped some 30 to 40 couples sign up for the programme. Even my sister-in-law is planning to come here next year,” Patsy tells City & Country.

What’s next on the Jones’ agenda? Buy another property in Penang.
Source :The Edge 2/10/2006 Close Window